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Joaquin Miller School

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Walkie Talkie

Joaquin Miller School's Newsletter

The Walkie Talkie (along with the Joaquin Miller community email list) is the community’s primary source of school news, delivered to Joaquin Miller parents twice a month.

Walkie TalkieThe Walkie Talkie keeps parents abreast of important future dates to remember, gives information about school related activities and programs, and often includes messages from the Principal, PTA President and PAC Chairperson.

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School Year 2014-15 issues for download

June 3, 2015
May 13, 2015
March 25, 2015
Feb. 25, 2015
Feb. 11, 2015
Jan. 14, 2015
Nov. 05, 2014
Oct. 22, 2014
Oct. 8, 2014
Sept. 24, 2014
Sept. 9, 2014

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