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Joaquin Miller School

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The Annual Fundraiser Kids Love!

Hey Kids! Earn money for your school!

Buy and sell raffle tickets! Every little bit helps!

The 2013 Raffle is from Friday, Oct. 4— Friday, Nov. 8

Each fall, Joaquin Miller kids have a great deal of fun selling raffle tickets to raise money for the school. The winning tickets are randomly picked at the Annual Fall Auction, the biggest fundraiser of the school year. When kids pass certain milestones of selling tickets, they earn fun prizes.

Encouraging your kids to sell as many raffle tickets as they can is a great way to foster school-spirit and an easy way to contribute to your school. Sell them to neighbors, family members, co-workers — we even set up a table at the Montclair Farmers Market for three weekends, where kids can sell tickets to our Montclair community.

Tickets cost $4 each or $10 for 3 tickets or $20 for a sheet of 6 tickets. Please make sure each ticket is filled out so the buyer will be entered into the drawing for each ticket they purchased. The classroom that sells the most Raffle tickets will win a pizza party.

After your child has sold their Raffle tickets, place the tickets (keep the stubs or give away), cash and checks (made out to the Joaquin Miller PTA) in the Raffle envelope. Your child should return their envelope to the Raffle Ticket Return Envelope hanging in their classroom. The Raffle Fairies will then return your child’s envelope along with their prize(s) and additional ticket sheets (if requested) in a few days.

If your child wants MORE Raffle tickets to sell, fill out the Raffle tracking form on
the front of their envelope or pick some up in the school office or from Natalie at Adventure Time.

Contact the JM Raffle Fairies with questions.