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Joaquin Miller School

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Joaquin Miller Green Team News

The Joaquin Miller community is dedicated to keeping our planet healthy and teaching our students lessons that will help them internalize environmentally cool and green behavior! We also encourage parents and guardians to get involved in these earth-saving programs. Please check them out!

Cool the Earth - NEW for 2012-13!
Cool the Earth is a climate change assembly program that educates students and their families about climate change and inspires them to take simple actions to reduce their carbon emissions. The kick-off will be at the Wolverine Pride assembly on October 5. Find out more by going to their website,

Parents can help by discussing and supporting this program with your student. Contact Ariana Candell at for more information.

Environmental Science Prep
Every week our science prep teacher, Chaya Frasch, provides students with 50 minutes of environmental education. Additionally on Fridays, students will participate in a school site garden project, formally known as the Ecology Club and run by parent volunteers.

Parents can help by helping in the garden and walking on field trips to Beaconsfield Canyon. Contact Principal Smith at

JM Streamteam
Partnering with the Friends of Sausal Creek by restoring Beaconsfield Canyon and learning about our local watershed provides us with hands-on environmental education. This program includes fun-filled science hikes and activities. Check out the kids generated website,

Parents can help by volunteering to go on field trips and contributing to the PTA. Contact Helene Moore, for more information.

No Waste Lunch
We have been committed to a No Waste Lunch program for the past three years. At lunch each day a team of 3rd graders help students sort their garbage into three bins - Compost, Recycling and Landfill. For more information and ideas on alternatives to landfill-bound packaging see the resources below.

Parents can help by checking out this list of resources and by packing lunches in containers that can be reused, composted or recycled and avoid foods and packaging that will end up in the landfill. Contact Lisa Washburn at for more information.

Room 12 Recyclers
For over 10 years, Mrs. Meagher’s students have been responsible for recycling waste paper at our school. This student-managed team picks up bins stored in the classrooms, then places all material in the Waste Management dumpster on the side of the school.

Parents can help by encouraging recycling at home by asking your child to be responsible for loading up your recycle bin. Contact Principal Smith, for more information about our program.

TreeRing Green Yearbook School
For the past two years our school yearbook has been produced using a program designed for the internet generation. Production is done in a digital environment. The only paper utilized is for printing, our beautiful yearbooks. In addition, trees are planted in countries devastated by deforestation and global climate change for each yearbook sold. Last year we planted 246 trees! Go to to check it out.

Parents can help by buying the JM yearbook! Contact Amy Suits at

Join our Green Team! Please contact Steve Asztalos at

Resources for No Waste Lunch

Here are some ideas for waste-free lunch boxes and food containers:

Safe plastic containers and lunch boxes:

Metal containers:

Ziploc-bag-alternative (cotton and safe plastic-lined fabric):