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Joaquin Miller School

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School Site Council (SSC)

All parents and community are encouraged to participate in the School Site Council.

In California the education code (EC 64001) requires that every public school have a school site council that has the responsibility of developing an SPSA (External LinkSingle Plan for Student Achievement). The stated purpose of the SPSA is to improve academic performance of all pupils to the level of performance goals, as established by the API (Academic Performance Index). In Oakland the SSC is also responsible for overseeing how categorical funding from the state and federal government is used to advance student achievement as well. In general these funds are quite highly restricted in regards to which target populations they can be used towards.

The SSC also has the responsibility of reviewing student achievement data, on-going review of the implementation of the SPSA, as well as reviewing the effectiveness of the SPSA and the modifying the SPSA as needed.

The voting composition of the SSC is specified in the Californian Education Code as well and is as follows:

  • The Principal
  • Representatives from classroom teachers
  • Other school personnel
  • Parents of pupils attending the school and optional community members that can be selected by the parents of pupils attending the school

The SSC is required to have parity between the faculty (principal, teachers and other school staff) and an equal number of Parents and/or community members. Classroom teachers are required to comprise the majority of faculty members on the council.

Members of the JM community are welcome to attend all SSC meetings and contribute to active discussions, but only active members selected by peer group elections may vote on action items.

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