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Room Parents

The primary functions of room parents are to provide support and assistance to the teacher, facilitate communication to student families about school events, and organize volunteers for school activities such as the Auction and Joaq-a-thon.  

Prior to Back-to-School Night, room parents should meet with their classroom teacher to discuss teacher needs and the teacher's vision of how the relationship will work.  Using that information, room parents should develop a plan for the year that directly addresses the teacher's needs and preferences, and communicate that (and solicit volunteers as needed) at Back-to-School Night. 

This is a very important job, and can also be immensely rewarding as you have the opportunity to work closely with the teacher and get to know the other families in the class. 

What it shouldn't be is overwhelming, so we have prepared some guidelines and gathered forms which hopefully will make your job easier.  Tailor the documents to suit your teacher's needs, and please contact the Room Parent Coordinator, Jennie Edwards if you have any questions.

Download Room Parent packet

Back-to-School documents for Room Parents (zipped) »

How to update Classroom websites

Some teachers have SchoolRack class websites on which they post homework and class news. If your child's teacher needs assistance with updating the class site, there are resources to make it easy (you will need your teacher's login to manage the site).

Powerpoint SchoolRack How-to Guide (zipped) »
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