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Joaquin Miller School

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Get Involved

Call to join the Dad’s Club – it’s not just for dads!

The Dad’s Club would love for you to join us!

The Dad's Club is open to all parents and guardians of Joaquin Miller students. Although it is an informally organized group, it has a prevailing presence in the Joaquin Miller family and community.

Members of the Dad’s Club contribute their time, effort and resources to Joaquin Miller in many ways. Traditionally, the Dad’s Club sells hot dogs, polish sausages, soft drinks, and water at the Walk-a-thon and the Spring Fair. Funds raised through these sales are spent on improvements to the school facilities.

Dad’s Club members have built and repaired such things as playground equipment, installed matting for the playground as well as building shelves and bookcases in the classrooms. They also assist in setting up, tearing down and storing booths and stands for events such as Walk-a-thon and Spring Fair.

Since Dad’s Club activities often occur on weekends, joining is a great way to be involved at school if you aren’t free to volunteer during the busy work week.

Swing by and say hello at the Back-to-School picnic or any of the other events we contribute to, or sign up in your child's classroom on Back-to-School Night

We invite you to join our online Chatter group. Go to External Link, sign up and join the Dad's Club group. Anyone can join the discussion.