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Joaquin Miller School

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Classes and Curriculum

Programs and Events

Fall Feast SquawThere are many exciting programs and events thoughout the school year. The JM Calendar, the Walkie Talkie and your child's teacher will have information on school events.

Here’s some of the programs and events to look out for during the school year:

Enrichment Programs

Our Enrichment Classes provide a creative approach to supplementing and enriching the education our children receive in the classroom. After school enrichment classes are presented in three mini-sessions from September through June. Popular classes are repeated, while others rotate to insure variety and something for each student.

Registration packets with session dates and sign-up deadlines are distributed three times a year and will be posted on the Enrichment Classes page and sent home in your child’s backpack.

Living History and Diversity

Asian Pacific Day artEvery year, each grade participates in our Living History program, developed by the JM Multiculturalism and Diversity Committee.

Asian-American Day

Each winter, first-graders learn about the rich heritage and culture of Pacific-Islanders and Asian-Americans from various lands through music, food, arts and crafts.

Thanksgiving Feast

In November, second-graders enjoy “The Feast,” in which students re-enact the First Thanksgiving between Wampanoag Native Americans and Pilgrims in full period costume at a local park. Kids participate in large-scale food preparation as well as arts and games. Preparations for this event are well documented in a special Fall Feast website section, where you can read extensive comments and directions for each role. The 2012 Feast was featured in the Montclarion.

Early Oakland—Rancho Day

Third grade classes learn about early Oakland, including the Rancho Period, Spanish/Mexican influences and city of Oakland’s history.

African-American Migration to California

Each year, fourth-grade students take part in African-American Migration to California Living History Day, studying the African-American immigration to California in the 1930s as well as the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Colonial America

The fifth grade takes part in Colonial America Living History Day, incorporating video production and computer graphics into a study of the founding of our country, with students taking on the role of actual colonists.

You can learn more about the Living History program on the Classes and Curriculum page.

Green Team

The Green Team is a subcommittee of the JM-PTA that strives to find ways to make the school more sustainable and to educate our kids about being good eco-citizens by composting and recycling. Learn more.

PTA and Dad’s Club Events and Fundraisers

The JM-PTA and Dad’s Club host numerous events during the school year, including the Kindergarten Sneak Peak, the Back to School picnic, the Raffle, the Fall Auction, and Harvest Festival. If you'd like to have fun while getting involved, we encourage you to volunteer to help out at any of these events.

Fall Auction
THE FALL AUCTION is the JMPTA’s biggest fundraiser of the year. It includes an array of appetizers, no-host bar, and Silent and Live Auctions featuring items ranging from dinners at some of the finest restaurants in the Bay Area, to merchandise, handmade treasures and more. The auction is a winner at all levels—it raises money for our children’s education, it provides tax deductions for both the donors and bidders, and it is a marvelous way to spend an evening with other parents of JM students.

THE "JOAQ-A-THON" is a day-long event scheduled in the spring for Joaquin Miller students and families that affords the children an opportunity to participate in a collective health & fitness activity while raising money for their school. They obtain sponsors who agree to donate according to how far the children walk. Walk-a-thon Day is full of challenges and excitement for the walkers, who may earn t-shirts and a variety of awards. THE CHILDREN LOVE THIS EVENT. Parent volunteers are needed to register participants, staff the check points, hand out juice bars, make badges, and to set-up and take-down stations.

Yard Sale
THE YARD SALE allows you to clean your closets and garage while raising money for the school, and your donation is tax-deductible to boot! This event is held in the Fall during the Harvest Festival. Start setting aside your “treasures” for this great event now!

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