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Joaquin Miller School

Classes and Curriculum

Student Performance

Joaquin Miller is one of the top performing schools in the city of Oakland. There are a number of websites where you can find information on testing scores.

Other school results from Student and Parent surveys, Health and Wellness and a School Balance Scorecard:

PDF DownloadJM Student Survey 2012-13
PDF DownloadJM Parent Survey 2012-13
PDF DownloadJM Wellness Inventory 2012-13
PDF DownloadJM School Balance Scorecard 2012-13

The External LinkGreat Schools Joaquin Miller school profile is a good place to start, including the latest state test scores. On the Great Schools profile page for JM, click on the External LinkTest Scores link.


Data from the State

The state publishes tons of information on its web site about its testing program known as STAR.

External LinkMain testing page
External LinkLink to test score reports

Academic Performance Index

The state also keeps track of something called the Academic Performance Index. These statistics are supposed to indicate whether a school is performing at, above or below where it should be.

External LinkMain API page
External LinkAPI results page


External LinkDataquest is another useful service from the state that makes it easy to find data about schools and districts.

California Standards Test (CST)

External LinkOUSD has built a website section that houses some of the illuminating reports developed by the Research, Assessment and Data (RAD) Department. As more analysis is done, they’ll add to the current offerings.