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Background Information on Wolverines

Some Indians see the wolverine as a trickster, probably because of its quick cunning ways. The Wolverine is also considered as a messenger between the real world and the spirit world. As a burrowing trickster, the smart and wily wolverine moves between the underworld and the upper world with ease. 


Wolverine babies are born blind and can often weigh less than a pound. All their senses develop quickly, so their keen smell can detect food and enemies as tiny ones. Even though they are blind, baby wolverines have a highly developed sense of feel. Their intelligence and intuitive senses increase rapidly.

If your totem spirit guide is the wolverine, it can teach you to respond to challenges of life with great focus. Part of the wolverine’s ferocious way is its tenacity and persistence. Once the wolverine grabs on to something, it digs in with its sharp, long claws and sinks it teeth in and seldom lets go. This tenacity will help guide you to a deeper understanding of your personal spirit.

The medicine of the wolverine is powerful, sometimes too powerful for the situation. It can teach you to regulate your relationships to maintain an even hand, not too hard and not too soft. Learning how to utilize your power in a balanced way is one of the teachings the wolverine.

Because of the wolverine’s cunning, focus and tenacity, it arranges its energies in a straight, balanced line. This alignment allows them to know the exact moment they should act and when they should retreat. Knowing how and when to respond to any given life situation is what makes the wolverine such a worthy and capable guide.

The wolverine is a loner most of the year. It can travel thirty to forty miles a day in search of prey.  

The coloring of wolverines allows them to be unseen in the shadows and out in the open as well. They can wrench and wring their bodies into various shapes that allow them to wriggle into small cervices. This characteristic is reminiscent of the old Indian medicine way of shape shifting and therefore serves as a guide to the medicine of space and time. 

The fur of the wolverine is extremely durable and it resists the build up of ice and snow.  This favorable characteristic can teach us to weather any storm that comes our way. 

Wolverines are slower than most of their prey, but their cunning and willingness to be a scavenger suits them and keeps their bellies full. They are known to be nature's best survivor by all who know them well because wolverines can make-do with whatever nature provides.   

The primary traits of the wolverine teach us focus, clarity, endurance, emotional and physical balance, and spiritual understanding.

The wolverine is a master of its domain and its skills and behavior is a great teacher.

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