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Joaquin Miller School

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About the School

Meet the Staff

Joaquin Miller Faculty and Staff, 2015-16

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Grade K
Ifetayo Hill-Roy — Room 1
Ms. Glick  —  Room P-18
Laura Savage — Room 3

Grade K/1st split
Cynthia Jue-Leong — Room 7

Grade 1
Christine McQueen — Room 8
Stephanie Milliken — Room 9
Ms. Oliver — Room P-20

Grade 2
Ray Wooliever — Room 4
Marianne Williams — Room 5
Sylviane Cohn — Room 6

Grade 3
Andrew Jackson (for Meghan Kramer) — P-15
Deidre Robinson — Room 13

Grade 3/4 Split
Ms. Porter — Room 11

Grade 4
Kira Gleghorn — Room 10
Denise Palmer
— Room 14

Grade 4/5 Split
Sarah Binn — P-17

Grade 5
Eileen Walker — P-15
Shelby Ziesing — P-16

Grade 3/4/5 Split
Scott Gerber — Room 12


Sara Green — Principal
Jeanne Sims— Administrative Assistant
Joanne Harper— Attendance Officer
Sheila Johnson — Supervising Custodian
Michael Puzon — Evening Custodian
DeAlexis Dennis — Lunch Room Manager
JoAnn Cooper-Campbell — Instructional Assist./Resource Specialist
TBD — Instructional Assist. Special Day Class
Jean White — Music Teacher
Mickey Woodrow— Occupational Therapist
Cheryl Gonzales — Speech Therapist
Katherine Cleary — STIP Sub
Ben McCord — STEAM
Dominica Tarica — ASIP Teacher
Jennifer Hughes — Psychologist, Nurses Office
Ms. Hurt — Nurse
Ms. Gonzalez — Nurse
TBD — Counselor (Information on counseling services)
TBD — Counselor
Coach Armando — Peace Makers Coach
Mrs. La Renda Tolbert — Noon Supervisor
Noel Lingad — Phys-Enrichment — Rhythm & Moves
Helene Moore — Technology/Computer Lab Coordinator
Cindy Gullikson — Librarian
Joyce Melton — Academic Tutor
Claudia Stavinsky — Academic Tutor
Elaine Condos — Teacher Assistant
Melissa Miller — Teacher Assistant
Kamela Jackson — Director of Programming, Kids Club
Ivan Mumm — Director of Operations, Kids Club

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