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Joaquin Miller School

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Enrollment and Registration for OUSD

kindergarten kids

Thank you for your interest in Joaquin Miller School. Enrolling in kindergarten can be a confusing process. This page is intended to give you general information about the OUSD registration process, as well as information specifically about Joaquin Miller. Additional questions for new parents are addressed in the New Parents' Guide, the FAQs and around the site: browsing is encouraged!

JM’s Annual Open House and School Tours

JM's annual Open House for Prospective Parents is typically held in early December. This is an informational meeting for all families interested in looking at the school for their entering elementary-aged children. The agenda includes remarks from our Principal, the PTA president, and parents of current students, and question-and-answer session.

School tours are by appointment only. Please check back in November for exact dates and times of the Open House and tour opportunities.

Frequently asked questions

Question:How old must my child be to enroll in kindergarten?
California law does not require parents to enroll their children in school until age six. However, schools must admit children into kindergarten that have attained legal age. Legal age is defined as being five years of age on or before October 1st for 2013-2014. Admission must occur at the beginning of the school year or whenever they move into the school district.

Question:How do I know which school is my neighborhood school?
Go to External Link and enter your address to determine your attendance area. Visit our Map + Directions page to download a PDF of the Joaquin Miller School Boundaries.

Question:How do I enroll my child?
The OUSD has an “Options” enrollment window for all entering students. Check the OUSD website for more information.  You may list up to six school choices in order of preference. “Options” enrollment materials will be available in all OUSD schools by the end in November.

Below is enrollment information from the OUSD website:

Tilden Botanical Garden FieldtripTurn in your Elementary School Options form along with address verification, age verification and proof of immunizations.
The Options application window occurs between mid December and mid January. Check the OUSD website for specific dates. Applications submitted any time during that window will be considered for the initial assignment lottery. There is NO priority given for applications submitted earlier than others within the window.

You will be able to submit your form in person (1) at the Student Assignment and Bilingual Testing Office, or (2) at any OUSD elementary school.

Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Applications received after the window cannot be processed in the lottery, and will be considered after the lottery in the order received.

Submit the following documentation at the time of application.
You will need to bring three pieces of documentation verifying your address and one piece of documentation verifying your child’s age (and grade if necessary) when you submit your form.

All documents must be original. No photocopies will be accepted. Required documentation is:

  • Age verification documentation (all new students): Families may either provide a Birth Certificate, a passport, an I-94, a transcript or a report card from a California school as verification of their child’s age.
  • Grade level verification: Families need to provide a transcript, promotion certificate, or the child’s most recent report card to verify grade level.
  • Verification of residence: Students must have three of the following documents with their parent’s, guardian’s or caregiver’s name and address
    • A utility bill dated within 45 days: PG&E, EBMUD
    • In combination only, automobile registration and automobile insurance. These documents must be provided together.
    • Homeowner’s/renter’s insurance policy
    • Lease agreement with owner’s documentation
    • Property tax statement. – Current property tax bill from Alameda County Tax Collectors’ Office.
    • Official letter from a social services/government agency within 45 days.
    • Transitional families only: Transitional families reside at a non-permanent address such as a motel/hotel, shelter, car, or are doubled up with relatives or friends. Transitional families who are unable to establish a permanent residence can go to the Transitional Students and Families Program in Portable 15 at 1025 2nd avenue for residency verification and assistance.
  • Verification of custody: parent’s, guardian’s or caregiver’s California driver’s license or official California ID Card from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in conjunction with documents in form of Birth Certificate, guardianship papers or court documents must be used for verification of custody.

Question:Does it matter when I turn in my application during the Options window?
No. All applications turned in during the Options window are processed at the same time and there is no priority given to applications submitted early. In fact, parents should spend some time researching their Options before submitting the application, to ensure that their top choices are schools that they would be happy to attend and are able to easily transport their student(s) to. Parents/guardians are encouraged to turn in applications prior to the final deadline to make sure that their application is complete with all the appropriate documentation and is ready for on-time submission.

Question:Is any additional paperwork required?
Yes, lots. After you register during the OUSD Options window and find out your child's school assignment, you will receive a packet with a variety of forms, including emergency information for the district that you will need to fill out and return before your child can start school. The packet will contain complete instructions.

In addition, new parents are asked to provide the school with a copy of their assignment letter from the Student Assignment office and a verbal acknowledgment of their wish to come to JM. Joaquin Miller has its own registration packet that may be picked up in August and turned in on Registration Day, when class assignments are announced, usually the Saturday just before the start of school. Watch the Calendar and School News for packet availability dates and more information about Registration Day.

Question:What kind of shots does my child need before enrolling in kindergarten?
The California School Immunization Law requires that children be up-to-date on their immunizations (shots) to attend school or childcare. Diseases like chickenpox, measles, and whooping cough spread quickly, so children need to be protected before they enter. Most children need booster shots before starting kindergarten. A varicella (chicken pox) requirement for kindergarten entry and child care attendance went into effect July 1, 2001.

You will need your child’s Immunization Record for your child’s registration packet. It must show the date your child was given each required shot. If you do not have an Immunization Record or your child has not received all required shots, call your doctor or local health department now for an appointment.

Question:Will my child need to be assessed or interviewed?
Joaquin Miller’s kindergarten teachers conduct short (10-minute) assessments. The school designates several days in April and/or May for kindergarten screening. It provides an opportunity for you and your child to visit and to give the school information about your child. During the screening, your child will participate in informal activities allowing the staff to compare your child’s progress with the normal range of development in his or her age group.

Information from the assessment will be shared with you by your child’s kindergarten teacher so that the most appropriate activities can be planned for your child. You can ask questions and get information about preparing your child for school.

Appointments for assessments can be made starting in the spring by calling the school at (510) 531-6688. Assessment dates will be announced in the School News and listed on the Calendar.

Question:I don't want my child to go to my neighborhood school. How can I register for another school?
The OUSD “Options” enrollment window for all entering students is mid December to mid January.  You may list up to six school choices in order of preference. “Options” enrollment materials will be available in all OUSD schools by the end in November. Submit all completed paperwork to any Oakland Public elementary school during the Options enrollment window.

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